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The Importance of Building a Targeted List

The quality of the list is by far the most important element of any direct marketing campaign. The amount of time you put into creative should equally be put into your targeting efforts, or you will waste resources on the wrong people.

Who should you be targeting?

Your ideal customer will be a consumer who already has a demand for your product/service, as they are likely to be the most profitable to you.

Profile your operating market

Who is living in your markets, which messages do they respond to and on which devices do they prefer to respond? Approaching a prospective customer through their preferred medium can be the extra edge needed to build a relationship above other businesses offering similar services.

Existing customers

Analyse your sales figures by customer and identify the most profitable. Often you will find 80% of profits come from just 20% of your customers, known as the 80:20 rule, meaning if you target another 20% of high spending customers, you can increase profits by 80%!

Profile your most profitable customers

Look for similarities amongst your most profitable customers to build one or more profiles. Look at geographic location, household income, family size, age range, home or car ownership and any other factors relating to your specific product or service. If you don’t have this data available you can speak to one of our account managers about a profiling report for your area. There will likely be more than one definable group of “best” customers.

New company or new product launch?

You may not have relevant sales data to analyse, but hopefully you have some inkling as to the target market for your new product or service. Either way, some research is required to gain a clear picture of the market you are entering into. Alternatively you can test the response to your best guess with a small volume campaign before committing to a major investment.

To target a particular type of person identify the category that most closely matches the characteristics or behaviour you want to target.

Making your targeting selections

Select your targets from our database according to the target profile(s) you defined by including them as selection criteria.

Geographic selections

Think about the area(s) you wish to target. Is it a territory that is defined by postcodes or towns? Is it better defined by drawing a boundary onto a physical map? Is it a number of scattered postcode sectors?

If you don’t have detailed knowledge of your target area you are best to limit your geo-selections to include only a single type of selection, e.g. postcode, town or county.

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